Day 26: Incremental moments of letting go

Contributor: Jo:

-The slow, poignant, incremental moments of letting go of my pre-COVID-19, ‘normal’, expected, intended life – 

Walking boots: still with the mud on from my last country walk (around the Langtons and over the Caudle) – I never was very good at cleaning them regularly! About to be cleaned and put away – when will they next be up to the laces in a muddy field or tramping across a moor?

Weirdly we only ever did walk about once a month, often less, but knowing I can’t go again for another month seems a bigger deprivation than it is…

Swimming bag: my swimming bag usually hangs on the end of the ironing board, ready for my weekly swim. I have found a new place for it, high up and away at the back of the wardrobe, as I will definitely be using the ironing board long before I get chance to use my swimming kit again…

Calendar: crossing off the meetings with friends and family, and social events we had planned as we began social distancing for safety.  A friend told me her little boy did the same, saying with the wisdom and resignation of someone far older ‘Billy’s birthday party isn’t going to happen now is it?’ Somehow even sadder still in the mouth of a young person…

Train tickets: having cancelled our Easter holiday abroad as soon as it became obvious that we would absolutely not be able to go, I have been loath to actually do anything with the now useless, printed out tickets. They are finally re-purposed into ‘things to do’ and shopping lists…

Shower tiles: under no other circumstances would I have either the time (or the inclination) to scrub clean the grouting in between the shower tiles!


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