About the Coronavirus Diaries

In March 2020, The UK government put the country on a wartime footing announcing never-before-seen measures to combat the spread of the Covid 19 virus. Central to the strategy was a move towards “social distancing” – reducing the number of people individuals come into contact with by encouraging people to isolate at home either on their own or with families. An announcement by the Prime Minister Boris on Friday March 20 instructed the imminent closure of pubs, restaurants and other places of communal social interaction. This had followed an announcement the day before that all schools should also close. Anyone who had the ability to work from home was encouraged to do so with exception of key workers. The move intended to see the majority of people observing some sort of social distancing or isolation from Monday March 23. It was not clear how long this period of change would last. This project aims to capture a picture of life for people living amidst this unprecedented crisis on a single street in a mid-sized United Kingdom city, Leicester. Participants were asked to complete diary updates, capture photographs of their experiences and express themselves creatively through video clips, podcasts and creative writing to share their experiences. This website captures that work and will hopefully show how communities coped during a unique health crisis and stands to be a record of a snapshot of time which will potentially become one of the most studied phenomenon of the 21st Century.

If you want to contribute to the diary email: Streetdiary2020@gmail.com