Day 30: ‘Get out when one can, embrace nature and appreciate what we have on our doorstep, don’t wallow, take one day at a time’

Contributor: Jacky:

Holiday means longer walks with the dogs, sunshine and being nearer the countryside

I was on annual leave last week, so when going downstairs I just swerved my work kit on the dining room table and didn’t log on!  Luckily the weather was mostly fine and did some jobs around the house and garden (I now have a mini greenhouse with some seedlings in) and some sitting in the garden with wine and a good book. As I wasn’t at work, I was able to do some longer walks with the dogs and enjoy being in the sunshine and nearer the countryside with the walks taking in the Great Central Way and back along the River Soar. 

I’ve added some pictures of one walk. I also managed extra workouts in the lounge and had my usual video link PT session.  Still losing some weight despite a bit of extra wine and snacks! It’s all about balance really isn’t it?  Have a routine, get out when one can (and within allowed limits), embrace nature and one’s surroundings and appreciate what we have on our doorstep (and excellent neighbours), don’t wallow, take one day at a time, try not to stress over situations out of our control.

Tried Aldi last week as I didn’t fancy an hour’s wait at Asda and I was pleasantly surprised.  Excellent value and quality of food (and wine!) and I will definitely be going back.

Back at work this week, but the sun is still shining and I can get out for lunch break and be thankful that I am still working and still have my health.
Signing off for now; more in a few days.


Day 12: ‘It was my birthday yesterday. My son sent me a gift box – the chocolates, Prosecco and card were missing. Was someone desperate and took them?’

Contributor: Jacky:

This week I’ve been on an online IT course and frankly, it’s been dire.  Sitting in front of a screen for 8 hours a day with few breaks, watching powerpoints and doing some exercises online in “ilabs” has been difficult.  I was working longer hours than that as I also had other work to do and still have the daily calls with my team to check everyone was ok and ensure that they had enough work to do at home; checking that those who were occasionally going into the office, were safe.  I ensured that I got out each lunch break with the dogs for our allowed outside exercise and it was much needed.

The pharmacy has changed its hours so I couldn’t get my repeat prescription, had to go to the pharmacy to find this out though, so I had to send Zack – he said they were serving via a hatch only.  It’s those sorts of things that ram it home to you.  This is real.  The death count has rapidly increased this week since my last report and having those brief encounters with others, are much needed. 

The clapping for our NHS and other health workers last night was quite emotional.  It was also my birthday yesterday.  No presents, outside of what someone can grab at a supermarket; my son sent me a card, balloon, flowers, chocolates and prosecco via Moonpig, but the box was damaged (torn open) and on delivery, the chocolates, prosecco and card were missing.  It makes one wonder, was someone desperate for these things and took them or was the box damaged some other way and they fell out?  My younger son, who lives with me, gave me a lovely hug which was the best present by far.  No meals out, no trips away and I just hope we get to do all that again soon.We had a birthday quiz with family over Zoom which was good fun and nice to see loved ones (we are trying to have a family “face time” at least once a week).

Zack and I ventured out this morning for our first big shop since this began.  I had been lucky to have two previous Ocado deliveries already booked, but these are now like rocking horse poo, and what is available should quite rightly, go to those who can’t get out.  It was a bit like The Walking Dead (TV series), when they go on “supply runs”, apart from we didn’t have horses or rifles! We chose Marks and Spencer down at Fosse Park, as we thought it may be quieter than the larger supermarkets and I also needed to pop into Boots.  It was all quite civilised with a one out, one in, trolley handles wiped down before we went in and we managed to get most of what we needed.  Boots was similar with very few in the shop at once, one out – one in policy and all the staff at both places were extremely helpful and they have a very difficult job to do at the moment.
The sun was coming out on our drive back to unpack and the weather forecast is good for the weekend, so we should be able to take advantage of the garden in the coming days.  It’s not all bad!

Back again for an update in a few days!

Day Four: ‘I’m amazed how many people aren’t adhering to the rules, we had to call the police to disperse people in the park’

Contributor: Jacky:

“Well,  getting into my new routine.  I’m a key worker but can luckily do most of my work at home.  My son Zack (18) is here with me and our 2 Jack Russells.I call my team each morning at 0830 to check they’re ok (or not) and go through work for the day.  Emails follow and phone calls and phone conferences.  I break at lunchtime and Zack and I take the dogs out for our allowed exercise outdoors.  Amazed how many people just aren’t adhering to the govt rules and are just hanging about,  not keeping apart and we are having to make a determined wide berth passed them and they just seem oblivious.  Going through Bede Park yesterday,  we had to call the police to disperse people. 
Lunch,  then more work for me. Zack is being really helpful around the house as he’s not used to having so much spare time!  He was doing A levels (he already has a confirmed place with an unconditional offer at University) and working part time at David Lloyd.
I have a personal trainer who, now I can’t go to the gym, has sorted out work outs I can do from home,  tailored to my needs.  She’s been brilliant and we do the sessions via video link.  Once a week with her and then I do other sessions on my own.  It’s keeping me sane and fit. 
Usually then a quick chat over the wall with Charlie, who’s taking the opportunity to put tiers in his back garden and then I’ll cook tea. 
Chilling then with some TV or reading.  Zack plays games online with his mates to keep in touch. 
That’s about it for now. I’ll be back in a few days with more.”