Day 26: ‘Here’s a Top Five of the coronavirus lockdown. If you like bad news, you’ll love this. Consider yourself tagged’

Reminder: The majority believe lying Boris Johnson will sell off NHS services to US

Contributor: Mark:

The lure of social media is killing my lockdown days. I do love Twitter, Instagram and Facebook but I have found I am on my phone all the time seeing what has changed in the world, or whose statuses are providing food for thought. On reflection I have come to realise that 99 per cent of time, nothing has changed and the statuses providing food for thought are turning my brain to pancake batter.

The worst of these social media ‘updates’ are based around asking you for your Top Five and then being tagged in like your opinion some how counts. Top five albums, top five footballers, top five pizza toppings and so on. When I get tagged in, I do the honourable thing. I ignore it. No one is using the Top fives to dish out some home truths. So if you are reading this and fancy doing a Top Five, do a Top Five of the worst things about Coronavirus lockdown. If you like bad news, you’ll love this. Consider yourself tagged.

Here’s my Top Five worst things about Coronavirus Lockdown:

  1. Politicians – predictable but with few exceptions from world leaders to UK party leadership, politicians have been utterly useless. It’s not all bad news -thanks to politicians, the UK and the US are now the best in the world in something – spreading disease.
  2. Voters – yes, I’ve seen you out clapping across the country for the NHS on a Thursday night. You make a racket as if somehow makes up for you voting for the man who tried to sell the NHS to the US just weeks ago, the man who voted against nurses’ pay rises and then promised them £350m a week in return for being Prime Minister only to admit he was lying. Put your pots and pans away you hypocrites, the NHS doesn’t want to hear your support, it needs investment and you blocked it.
  3. News – Are all current journalists hopeless? Or do they work for media organisations that do not want to hold the Government to account?
  4. People – yes, people. People in lockdown sunbathing in parks, heading to the coast, flouting the rules, not moving over on paths to keep the distance – including cyclists who still ride on pavements when the roads are empty.
  5. Brexiteers – Because they still think they are right, even though coronavirus has left us exposed, a tiny island with no friends, apart from the one no one wants right now.

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