Day Zero: Introducing this project

Dear Resident,

As we enter an unprecedented time in our history, we invite you to be part of a project that seeks to capture our experiences as we attempt new ways of living and working to stem the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19). From tomorrow, we offer you the opportunity to be Citizen Scientists, writing daily online diary of what is going on and how this crisis is affecting you, both positively or negatively.  Participants are asked to complete daily or regular diary updates, capture photographs of their experiences and express themselves creatively through video clips, podcasts and creative writing. You can be a named participant or be anonymous. We intend to publish the street’s outputs daily on this bespoke blog site. It is not clear how long this period of change will last. Our blog site, driven by Citizen Science, will hopefully serve to demonstrate how a street of people reacted and coped during a unique crisis. It will stand to be a record of a snapshot of time which will potentially become one of the most studied phenomenon of the 21st Century. The majority of people will be observing some sort of social distancing or isolation from Monday March 23 as it is the first full day of school closures, therefore we intend to start the online diary and blog posts from tomorrow and continue for as long as it takes. 

If you are interested in becoming a Citizen Scientist for this project, please email  and we will send further details later today.  

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