Day One: 'Life will potentially be more uncertain than it was in those 1940 war years'

Contributor: Tony:

“I’m sitting here feeling like Nella Last, or Housewife 49 as she was known by the Mass Observation Archive.

Nella (pictured above) provided valuable information on what it was like for a married woman living in the industrial north-west of England during the years of the Second World War.

She was immortalised by the late Victoria Wood in a wonderful TV film, which I expect many will have seen. 

And now like Nella, here we sit in the midst of another war, but this time with an invisible microscopic enemy. 

Some may argue that life will potentially be more uncertain than it was in those 1940 war years.

This is officially day one, but to me it is day ten since on 13 March (the dreaded Friday the thirteenth), my soulmate advised me that as I am over sixty years old and have hypertension, even if it is controlled by medication, I should isolate in accordance with guidance from the World Health Organisation. 

Neither my soulmate nor I had any confidence in the advice issued by the Tory government, and saw their seventy plus benchmark as simply an unwillingness to concede that making workers work well into their mid, and then later, sixties to get their state pension puts them at greater medical risk. 

As it might appear, the prime minister’s adviser, Dominic Cummings, allegedly believes letting older people die is a price worth paying to keep the wheels of British capitalism turning.  

The worse thing for me on this day one (ten) is that I am not able to see or talk face-to-face with my soulmate because although she is nearly two decades younger than me, she does have some chronic health issues of her own to manage. 

This is going to make the coming days, weeks, months incredibly challenging, but I suppose resilience is forever tested and when we all come out of this the world will be forever changed.

Well, I for one hope that the political landscape does not return to ‘business as usual’.

Never more so than now do I understand what I was taught in those days gone by when I was just a young political activist; this being that a general election is only a snapshot.

In spite of that whopping majority Johnson was given (predominantly by those Cummings may think are expendable), the government are going to be under scrutiny and pressure the likes of which has never been seen before. 

That thought will hopefully see me through.

See you tomorrow.”    

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