Day 13: ‘I think the £60 deterrent for failing to observe social-distancing is actually not enough, make it £1,000’

Contributor: Mark:

“I am not confident that we will get out of this period of isolation swiftly. Apparently Bradgate Park, the famous Leicestershire beauty spot was full of people today. They were trying to enjoy the sun, letting dogs off leads, ignoring all the rules according to social media.  I guess it wasn’t the only crowded place in the UK, but to be honest I can’t face looking at Twitter to find out. 

When I took my daily jog, the roads were filled with cars – where were they going?  I think the deterrent for failing to observe the simple task of social-distancing – a £60 police fine – is actually not enough, make it £1,000 and maybe we might get somewhere. 

Maybe I’m so angry with these rule-flouters, not because they are going to kill people with their behaviour, make themselves ill and put an even greater burden on the NHS (ok, I am mad/sad about that) but also staying in takes effort, it’s stressful, tiring and frustrating. Despite this most people are making the commitment and a large number idiots  are unravelling this good work. I could go on, but I guess on the eve of enduring a fortnight indoors, coping with a week of major work demands, child-minding and trying to stay sane, I am a tad tetchy. Those people who aren’t putting the time in at home are probably basking in the aftermath of a lovely time outdoors, because ignorance is bliss, as they say.”

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