Day Eight: ‘I made my first nervous foray into hairdressing today – if it was truly terrible it would grow back before anyone else saw it.’

Contributor: Jennifer:

How we think the new haircut might look

For the first time in lockdown, we woke up to rain on the windows and the sky having that look like it was set in for the day. Most other days it has been bright and sunny, a little chilly but still a good day to be in the garden; so its nice to have a day where I’m not particularly bothered about going outside. 

As we start Week 2, I realised just how much we had adapted to this new routine.  Who is sorting breakfast with a cuppa and then opening laptops for another day in paradise – well our dining room.

With an unproductive Sunday, came a refreshed Monday. Catching up with co-workers and making plans for work, the day passed quickly – a chat with my line manager assured me that urgency to produce work that I have been feeling all week wasn’t necessarily needed or sustainable since with only a few days in the job and in a practical role there is a limit to the work that can be done. It seems that expectations for working from home are reasonable and understood – we are all facing the same challenges. We also reflected on the announcement that was made by the university, stating that they don’t foresee the face-to-face teaching commencing before September. In this I feel for the students who are trying to make improve their education and develop their knowledge, but now having to do it via Microsoft Teams; you can’t develop practical skills via laptop. But they are trying and who knows, they may come out more resilient and learn things no university course ever could teach. 

I made my first forays into hairdressing today – well unless you count me cutting my fringe behind the sofa in my parents living room when I was about 8. Everything about his request made me nervous – especially since we are almost 24/7 together with current circumstances; the only benefit would be if it was truly terrible it would grow before anyone else saw it. With Ben’s tightly curled hair- it was a nightmare – fighting against the indecision, curls and that feeling that I shouldn’t be doing this. It’s strange that we have only been in this situation for a week and yet it feels like these dramatic measures are needed. However, we have come out the other side, with our relationship intact, no cuts and only a little mistake (shhh…).

 I think we will count today as a success. 

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