Day Six: ‘I’m watching Saturday Night Fever – it’s the nearest thing to a party I’m going to experience for a while’

Contributor: Mark:

The void certainly grows on Saturday. 

“In theory, weekends should feel like any other day in this circumstance. The truth is they don’t. If there is a void created by working from home (or WFH as it is now known in emails from bosses to your inbox) between Monday to Friday, then the void certainly grows on Saturday. 

Our beautiful distractions simply aren’t there. Sure we are on our toes in the week, doing our duties to our employer (for those who are in employment) but Saturdays are deeply engrained in our lives as a special day. 

Saturdays to many are freedom, so much so that it takes most of Sunday to get over it.

I always knew I liked football. I had no idea it was such a valuable distraction. I watched a film called Bromley Boys about the perils of football addiction to try to fill the hole. It made me miss it more, I’m now watching Saturday Night Fever 1) because I do a brilliant Barry Gibb impersonation and 2) it’s the nearest thing to a party I’m going to experience for a while. 

The freedom currently lost on Saturdays, I am sure, is worth the effort. The Covid-19 death toll in the United Kingdom passed 1,000 today. I took my daily allowance of exercise jogging in the park. While I ran, I wondered what was becoming of this isolating period.

These things came to mind:

  • Are more people trying to exercise daily as per the allowance?
  • Or are more people going to increase their health risks by doing even less than they did before?
  • Are the social events we have after this is going to be bigger or better than they were before?
  • Are too many people on the brink of mainstream celebrity trying to digitally stream themselves into our lives by showing off what they do for free? 
  • Is the amount of recycling going up? (I’m putting more orange bags out. Maybe waste is just going up in general as we are all at home, creating waste).
  • Carbon in the atmosphere is reducing. Can the world (politicians) learn from/ capitalise on this?

More questions than answers.  Which is possibly everyone’s experience of the world right now.”

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