Day Four: ‘I’m amazed how many people aren’t adhering to the rules, we had to call the police to disperse people in the park’

Contributor: Jacky:

“Well,  getting into my new routine.  I’m a key worker but can luckily do most of my work at home.  My son Zack (18) is here with me and our 2 Jack Russells.I call my team each morning at 0830 to check they’re ok (or not) and go through work for the day.  Emails follow and phone calls and phone conferences.  I break at lunchtime and Zack and I take the dogs out for our allowed exercise outdoors.  Amazed how many people just aren’t adhering to the govt rules and are just hanging about,  not keeping apart and we are having to make a determined wide berth passed them and they just seem oblivious.  Going through Bede Park yesterday,  we had to call the police to disperse people. 
Lunch,  then more work for me. Zack is being really helpful around the house as he’s not used to having so much spare time!  He was doing A levels (he already has a confirmed place with an unconditional offer at University) and working part time at David Lloyd.
I have a personal trainer who, now I can’t go to the gym, has sorted out work outs I can do from home,  tailored to my needs.  She’s been brilliant and we do the sessions via video link.  Once a week with her and then I do other sessions on my own.  It’s keeping me sane and fit. 
Usually then a quick chat over the wall with Charlie, who’s taking the opportunity to put tiers in his back garden and then I’ll cook tea. 
Chilling then with some TV or reading.  Zack plays games online with his mates to keep in touch. 
That’s about it for now. I’ll be back in a few days with more.” 

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