Day 16: ‘Seeing the countries that are ahead of us and behind us in the timeline of this virus’

Contributor: Jennifer:

All over the world, people are analysing the effects of Covid-19: banks are watching the stock markets, civilians are watching graphs of deaths that day, governments are watching other countries responses. In some ways these ways of marking and measuring the affect is a way of looking into the past and future, by seeing the countries that are ahead of us and behind us in the timeline of this virus.

I read an article from The Guardian with an update of how the virus is progressing in New Zealand and I was intrigued to read that they had shut their borders 25 days after the first infection. This decision as part of a hard-hitting response has seen a quarter of the cases that the model had expected for the weekend gone. I then thought about the UK and our response, with the first case being seen on the 31st of January and our lockdown starting on the evening of 23rd March. Looking at the difference in response to the threat between us and New Zealand, and the stark reality of proactive measures over reactive measures – I hope we have done enough.

Yesterday it was announced that after two weeks of self-isolation, that Boris Johnson has been admitted into hospital following his doctor’s advice.  I hope that with this, Boris can see first-hand the impact on our NHS and how hard they are working to keep people alive and the measures used to keep others safe. Sadly, a video resurfaced, of the press conference Boris held where he proudly announces that he was shaking hands and would continue to do so – a daft thing to announce. I hope that from his new perspective he may be able to see the change in policies that needs to happen, and that he and other MP’s present and in the future start to see the NHS for what it really is – a proud achievement of the UK and not just a bargaining chip. I hope that he makes a full recovery and that the NHS can show him that their value isn’t a number on a spreadsheet or a demographic chart but a wholesome ‘business’ that is full of people that care. I may have an idealistic view on the NHS but when I look at America, I am so grateful it’s there.

NB Last night, an announcement was made that Boris has now been moved into ICU, like many others it seems our PM is struggling with his personal fight with this virus.

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