Day 11: ‘This freedom of working from home has let me tap into the other learning resources. Maybe this is the work/life balance that I never made time for before’

Pecha Kucha – a great way to present and learn

Contributor: Jennifer:

‘Today I have realised that I have slipped into a new way of working. With this extra time I have found that I have been able to find loads of online networking and question/answer programs, where I can either be a visible part or watch back. 

This is fantastic – I feel that this extra time has meant that events where I would have been at work and unable to attend or even not have noticed it has now changed to a resource that I can tap into. I have been part of a Pecha Kucha on Tuesday, with listening back to an artist interview this morning and now part of another seminar. This freedom of working from home has let me tap into the other learning resources out there. Maybe this is the work/life balance that I have personally been missing, and I never made time for before, since there was always someone to meet up or yet another job in the house to do. If I take one thing away from this, it will be that I need to put more time into my side projects and interest. 

What is out there for tomorrow – who knows. 

This is a contrast to how I felt yesterday, I found myself intensely frustrated at being stuck inside, irritated at a computer system (turns out it wasn’t my fault) and overall feeling a little disheartened. I have thought today, and have come up with projects that I want to create and smaller bite sized things that I can put the time aside to learn. I didn’t like the feeling of yesterday so I am fixing it. Typical Wednesday…

We had our work group chat and the inevitable chat around how long this is going to last came up. Some were wondering if it was going to be longer then three weeks, others estimated 6 weeks and then others were saying its until September. People were planning and pondering what we would need to get ready for returning to work, discussions felt like we were talking about next week, and busying our minds with discussions over trivial matters – were computers off, would they have the updates, would summer workshops happen, would the workshops have the materials they needed if we came back straight into the new term. It struck me as strange that we were in a sense trying to plan for every eventuality. With a quieter week online, I feel that people have in a sense almost started to try to find something to be concerned about – thinking about life after Covid-19. Its understandable in some senses to return to what you are used to and can plan for, as for at the moment we are all walking in the dark waiting for someone to have an answer or solution. One lady was talking about the beer she saw in her fridge on Monday morning and had considered it… and its only week 2.’

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