Day Nine: ‘It’s hard to admit you’ve had a bad day…’

Contributor: Sandie:

‘It’s hard to admit you’ve had a bad day…’ A Poem:

I’m incredibly lucky. Still working full-time
safely at home with a garden that’s mine.
Vitamin D breaks beside feline workmates
and deadlines to occupy quarantine dates.
I’m categorically not entitled to say 
I found it pretty tough going today.

Doctors and nurses deployed to the frontline
in a battle to save us, in a fight against time.
Five hundred thousand civilians say yes,
enlisting to bolster our ravaged NHS.
I have no command to fire negative shots
about isolation and losing the plot.

Elderly parents doing everything possible
to get through this “without causing trouble.”
Frightened. Frantically learning new rules,
firmly gripping a life no one wants to lose.
I drop off the stuff they can’t do without, 
go home feeling sick and just want to shout.

Essential workers help our nation survive
as food and deliveries continue to arrive, 
hoping latex gloves and tape on the floor
can keep them safe as we order yet more.
I only have thank yous and gratitude, 
to feel sorry for self just seems f***ing rude.

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