Day Three: ‘Working from home is not as liberating as the idea of working from home’

Contributor: Mark:

“It won’t be Coronavirus that kills me, or my daily blast of PE with Joe Wicks, but probably the massive bender we are all going to go on when this insane period of our lives is over.

I always assumed Day Three would be a day of reckoning on this survival project we’ve all been signed up to and it did not let me down.

For clarity, I’ll try to break this down into four themes and the changes so far. I say “for clarity” because nothing much makes any sense at present.

Work: I’ll be honest, working from home seemed like a golden opportunity to cram my work into a 2-hour window and spend the rest of the time basking in the glory of putting an intense shift in. Today has proved it doesn’t work like that. Work starts at 8.30am and is still going at 9pm with video calls in the working day window of 9-5. I suspect everyone is doing the idea of the two-hour blitz, just not at the same time, and as a result our days are now filled responding to people working in a different time zone – like when the London stock market notices America is waking up and everyone starts flapping about.

News: The news is depressing and I don’t trust it anymore, yet during the day the news channels now pass as entertainment – there is no football, so Sky Sports isn’t an option. I haven’t got time to binge-watch a series and daytime TV is still eight hours of middle class white folks competitively buying antiques (see picture above).

Being at home: I like my house, but there’s something about leaving it I really miss. And if I don’t leave it, coming back to it, therefore, it is not the same. 

Pub: I realised that now I can’t go to the pub and that I am now living my own pub. The bar could open, in theory, after my two-hour blitz that actually lasts 16 hours. Anything after 11am could be fair game, just keep the bottles out of view on video calls and I’d be fine. OK, it hasn’t come to that but the past two days I’ve noticed I’m looking forward to celebrating another day of survival as soon as I’ve passed 5pm. This is not what I’d normally do. 

When I said I might die from the massive bender we are all going to go on after this is over, I mean I probably won’t, but I am missing the idea that I could go out if I wanted. So when we get the chance, in three months time, let’s all go out and go crazy.

I guess the takeaway from today’s brain dump is that working from home is not as liberating as the idea of working from home.” 

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