Day One: 'I'm through it unscarred, and have just another 83 days to go…'

Contributor: Mark:

“If it wasn’t for the fact the Coronavirus is spreading rapidly across the United Kingdom and the death toll is rising, today will go down as a good day. In my first full day working from home and attempting to keep two 10-year-olds educated and entertained I think I have come through it unscarred and ready for Day Two. When I finally sat down to write my first diary Coronavirus diary this evening I wondered if events might be so unremarkable that this project might just end up being like Seinfeld – the show about nothing. Then I thought, if this whole experience does just end up being the blogged minutiae of daily life, with some ups and a few downs, I’ll take it.

Deep down I know it won’t be that straight forward. Any sense of satisfaction is clouded with worry about what happens next. I feel I’m off to a good start, but we have a long way to go. My friends in the NHS say we are two weeks behind Italy in terms of cases and Italy cannot cope. Worse still, the citizens of United Kingdom have appeared not exactly followed the idea of social-distancing to the letter and there is an expectation in the medical profession that we could soon be worse than Italy in terms of cases and the burden on our health service will be too great. As none of this has actually happened yet, my over-riding concern on day one is the fear of the unknown. I am worried for the people I’m closest to. I also don’t know if work will ever get back to normal or whether life can ever pick up where it left off. I can’t imagine I am alone in thinking about this.

These are the clouds that darken an otherwise good day working from home and looking after my boys. They have been well behaved. We started the day with the Joe Wicks’ PE with Joe at 9am along with 800,000 others. I have to say it was very good to get energised for half an hour and start the day right. Our day is mapped out so that boys are encouraged to do learning activities (pictured above) all morning and in the afternoon they have some free time while I catch up with work, before a walk around the block. I also had a video call with three people from work and it was good to see and hear my colleagues.

If you get the chance to use Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype, FaceTime or whatever please do – it is rather uplifting to chat digitally, even if not face-to-face. Boris Johnson says we can bring Coronavirus under control in three months. I am fearful about the weeks ahead, but I am pleased how Day One went. If we can hit Boris’s target to end the rising curve of illness we have just another 83 days to repeat this exercise, stay safe and make this the best new show about nothing.”

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